Blogger Goes Missing in Action — Full Details Below

Archipreneuer (Adam Crain's) Photo of the Denv...

Archipreneuer (Adam Crain's) Photo of the Denver Art Museum by Daniel Libeskind. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you believe it’s been a week since I posted last? Did anybody wonder what happened to me?

Here’s what happened.

Last Friday, in the middle of my post, I suddenly knew I was done. Not with that post, but with posting every single day. I got what I needed from it, and knew  it was time to put more energy into other things.

So, no more NaBloPoMo, after 45 solid days of blogging!

I was kind of relieved not to have to come up with a great new idea every day, but of course I still want to do the blog — I love it.

Yesterday I was stunned to realize an entire week had passed without a post, and vowed to get back on blogging track. I don’t want to lose my momentum, my community, and the cool creative flow that comes from trying to blog outside the box.

But in this blogging void, I went from hardly any work to tons of work and some pretty exciting new clients and projects. Writing web content, book reviews, editing non fiction, possibly editing fiction, taking over the entire social media marketing for a brand new business (gulp!) and… I’ve even got my first PR client.

You didn’t know I did any PR?

Neither did I!

I’ll only be charging this client for the writing I do, because I’m just beginning, but I’m excited to take a crack at it. My client is a local Denver designer with a gorgeous, chic and lust-worthy line. She’s about to launch a new website and have her line sold at the gift shop of the Denver Art Museum in conjunction with the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition opening tomorrow.

My job — to write her a killer bio, a couple of attention grabbing press releases that are worthy of her fab clothes, and come up with some creative and inexpensive ways to help her get more publicity and more press.  This is so cool for me, because fashion was my first love. Well actually it was Astroboy, and then the Beatles, but I never met any of them and I did meet Fashion, so…..

I only have one gripe.  (Don’t you love that word? I like “grope” too. The word, not so much the experience, LOL!)

Here’s my gripe, and as gripes go, it’s pretty great:

I had NO WORK in the dead of winter when I was perfectly happy to stay inside, but now have TONS-O-WORK when Spring has sprung, warm breezes beckon and I just want to run around on the trails in a t-shirt and savor the sun.

Perhaps I’ll start taking my laptop out to a local coffee house,  one with the outdoor tables, so as to enjoy the weather and get my work done at the same time. Has anyone tried that? Do you get any real work done, or do you only get expensive cups of coffee, cake, calories, random conversation and other delicious distractions?

Here’s another question for you guys:

Do you feel that the amount of energy I put into this blog over the past couple of months came back to me in the form of all these new opportunities? Do you think if I slack off on putting that same amount of marketing and creative energy out there, my career will suffer? Or is that just being superstitious?

Just curious what you think, so please toss me a comment… if you’re still out there.

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  1. Welcome back! lol
    To the first question.. absolutely yes! When you find the perfect coffee haunt, it’s amazing, you find after you go a couple of times they will recognize you and you become one of the “regulars” , you will find a whole new community offering ideas, friendship, support, networking. Don’t think of it as coffee outside in the sun, you will find a whole new community! Yay
    Second question: I always believe you get back what ever you give out…sorry great believer in Karma lol
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend : 0

    • Haha, sounds like it will be a giant distraction, just as I feared. Definitely have to try it when I’m not really in the mood to write but just pretending…

  2. Yes, I think all your hard work putting into blogging could’ve had something to do with all the new opportunities, because you were writing and using your mind. It sounds like you will still be putting quite a bit of creative energy out there through all your projects, so I don’t think your career will suffer. Sounds like it may blossom more and there are different seasons to everything. Maybe some things have to be less of a priority so you can focus on other things for a time. :)

  3. Great to see you again! Congratulations on all your new opportunities (even if they have come at the “wrong” time of year!). I think the beauty of having a laptop is to be able to take it with you and work just about anywhere, so I’d give the coffee house thing a shot. Sounds pretty appealing to me!

  4. Yea for you Leslie, your projects sound super cool!!!!!

    I happen to think your positive energy that has gone into your blogging is coming right back at you. Call it fate, call it selective awareness, call it whatever, I believe it happens.

    Yes coffee shop writing is great. I love the under current of enery and the slight buzz among the patrons, it motivates me and I can get lost in what I am doing, knowing that the comfort of that energy is right there. But if I go outside to a table it transforms me to a more wistful, dilly-dally writing style, I look wistfully out at the mountains and love that I live here. Outside writing, for me, is more for the more creative fun stuff, like my blog, facebook or personal journaling.

    I had to laugh at “grope.” When I was doing group work with some at-risk middle school girls one parent sent me a note saying he did not want his daughter in grope therapy. I am pretty sure he meant to write group, but just misspelled it! I had to chuckle at that memory.

  5. Gosh, I have no idea whether the amount of work that you have put out there is resulting in all this payback. I can’t say that it’s worked that way for me, but if it’s working for you then go for it.

    I will tell you that I hate, hate, HATE writing at a coffee shop. First of all, most of them are noisy, because the hard floors and the bare walls and the glass windows bounce sound like a Lakers/Bulls game. And there is always at least one annoying guy who is using the place as his office, is on the phone incessantly and ALWAYS sits next to me. There are other reasons that I hate trying to write in a coffee shop but it just occurred to me that I’ve just found my next blog topic.

    I gotta go and write this while I’m still pissed off.

    Kay in Hawaii

    • Ha! Can’t wait to see what you write about this. You are certainly in the minority here, but it’s always refreshing to have a different opinion.

  6. I finished the post about writing at the coffee house. I created a link to your blog in the second sentence. I hope that’s OK with you.

    Kay in Hawaii
    The Biz Bitch

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